What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now?

In this competitive era, research stated that over 1 billion sites are available worldwide and at every second; a new site develops so that to count the exact number of websites is a way impossible.

That states, you are not the one who is willing to secure the higher ranking on Google Search Engine Results Pages. To win this tough competition of beating 1 billion sites, you need to follow an effective and quality-based strategy to make your site more capable to drive better ranking and higher ROI.


Say goodbye to all your worries as today we will present a helpful technique that will make your site going far.


The time has come to reveal this riddle to help those site owners’ readers searching for such ways that accelerate their site ranking and Business Growth. However, you all are familiar with this backlinking strategy, but you often choose the quantity and put your site in trouble in the desire to grow.

Well, we are talking about Backlinks or Quality Backlinks. 

Before moving ahead, let’s know what is Backlink?

What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

The backlink is a link created when two sites are connected. There are various sources of backlinks, such as web pages and web pages directory. Backlinks accelerate better SEO performance and help the search engine know about the website as it sends signals to Google that one website uses another website’s content due to its quality. Thus in this way, Google appreciates the site’s work by increasing the site ranking on SERPs.

Backlink follows a numeric comparison method that defines that a ranking between 60-100 is excellent, 40-50 is okay, but if your order stands below 40, it is recommended to be a lousy ranking.

Thus to increase the better ranking all you need to prefer high domain authority sites for backlinks as these older and trusted domains are highly authoritative and provide a significant push to the SEO ranking.

Moreover, while creating backlinks, there are various don’t of backlinks available that you need to avoid for better Business development.

Here we have mentioned it below:

Don’ts of Backlinks   

  • Avoid low-quality directories that offer duplicate content 

If you are running behind the backlinks’ quantity and build backlinks from all kinds of guides, you are indeed degrading your brand and its SEO performance. You must have heard a proverb that “The buyer of quality product cries once while the buyer of low-quality product weeps all the time. I thought you also do not want to regret your decision because acquiring backlinks from those directories that used copied content is like you are deliberately inviting links from spammed website and such links attract negative ranking and sometimes Google avoid or blacklisted the site.

  • Link Building at a large scale  

Gaining links from a high authority site has more value than the links from the spammed website.

Nowadays, several automated tools are claimed to expand your brand reach and assured users of building backlinks on a large scale. Likewise, automated email outreach is used to send emails to various usernames to build a relationship, and in the mail, they used to ask about the backlinks shown in the below picture.

With this tool, the backlinks often derived from the spammed website that usually raises Red Flag and increases the chances of a penalty.

What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

  • Do not play smart with Google by using web 2.0 

In achieving business success sooner and faster; we always got fooled by that advertiser or agency that showcases easier and more straightforward ways. Just Like paid backlinks or fiver gigs that stated to develop 25k backlinks instantly and promote your site ranking.

Captivating! But never got trapped as they use a tool web 2.0 that increases the density of backlinks but the backlink quality is low. Moreover, these backlinking strategy types could impose the GOOGLE penalty, put you in trouble, and avoid link schemes or paid links trying to manipulate rankings.

We have now explored the don’ts of backlinks and know-how this more comfortable and more straightforward method of backlinking strategy degrades our site quality and ranking.

Now, it’s time to dive into the other ways of backlinking strategy that takes time but never left us to regret.

Know how to gain high domain authority sites for backlinks and their types to promote your brand awareness and SEO.

Type of Backlinks that Your Business Need Right Now.

A successful business is always the will of every entrepreneur, and to achieve this desire, they often implement various shortcuts, tactics and started running behind the quantity rather than quality. Because of this, they mortify their site quality and ranking as well. Sometimes adopting bad techniques creates so much trouble that you end up closing it or else GOOGLE blacklisted you. To avoid this, always choose quality instead of quantity because success never comes in one day.

Are you a website owner and always wondered about the backlinking strategy then you have come to the right spot as in this article we are exploring more effective ways that promote your site ranking and SEO performance?

  • Conquer high domain authority sites for backlinks

Quality backlinks have the power to take your website from oblivion to the limelight. The higher you create links from the well-recognized and authoritative sites, the higher your ranking will grow. When you choose high domain authority sites for backlinks, these links send positive signals to search engines while if you drive backlinks from the low-level or spammed website, then Google could impose a penalty on the site.

  • The game of Do follow, and No-follow links.

In this profit-making world, we see that top-ranking plays a vital role in fulfilling the searcher’s needs at every step. Whether users look for any academic query or business-related query, they always prefer those sites that are on top of Google SERPs. Do you want the same for your business and desire to rank your site on top? Then understand the value of DO Follow Links and invite more DO Follow Backlinks for better ranking. Moreover, Do-Follow Links indicate organic traffic that Google Loves it, and that’s why Google focus more on Do-Follow Links while No follow links are also important, but due to the higher value, Google preferred Do Follow links and stated that the website should have a fair share of Do Follow links and No-follow Links. 

  • Backlinks in the Main Body Content

Quality content plays a crucial role in accelerating website ranking and driving more conversion rate but ever wondered that placing links in the footer and sidebar are neglected by the search engine and left useless. Have you also do the same thing then stop this and learn the best place of putting links that got noticed. Whenever you are thinking of placing links, always put them in the main body of content to highlight it and invite more clicks.

Backlinks for better SEO growth

  • Editorial backlinks

Earning editorial backlinks is not a piece of cake as these links required an excellent content marketing strategy that develops high-quality content used by the top-rated website to justify their work.

E.g., You have written high-quality based content, and one of the popular or older websites used your content in their work as supportive content then these types of links are referred to as Editorial links and they are not readily available. Editorial backlinks have a substantial positive impact on the performance of SEO and its tool. Moreover, it works wonders for the site ranking and simultaneously enhances the website quality.

  • Guest blogging backlinks

The infamous method of creating high- quality backlinks, that most SEO personnel practiced and suggested others. Guest blogging is done on various sites but if you want profitable returns choose high domain authority sites for backlinks. Always prefer High domain authority sites for guest blogging, and you also get a chance of earning editorial backlinks with this. If you opt guest blogging backlinking strategy, then do it correctly for better ranking and results.

  • Newsworthy Press release backlinks 

The way to accelerate your SEO is to outreach your brand with the help of media. Press or Media is considered the 4th pillar of the Indian constitution so if you use this platform to expand your brand reach and target a selective audience then indeed you have a chance to earn a higher number of visitors on your page. Publishing a newsworthy press release on the PR’s website helps you to acquire higher-quality backlinks.

  • Comment backlinks 

A better way to promote your blog and wanted to be a part of the conversation. If any users find your comment useful, then drive a direct backlink once the user clicks on your link. To perform this activity, you need to post your comments on high-quality blogs or articles and share your website link at last so that people can easily find your blog with the help of the association and this is known as comment backlinking strategy to promote higher ranking and growth.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have strived to pen down all the steps of acquiring quality backlinks and how backlinking strategy plays a crucial role in developing SEO and higher ranking. The blog is all about the types of backlinks that promote Business development, and if your business is in oblivion, then choosing high domain authority sites for backlinks will take your business into the limelight.

Hope you find this blog helpful and share if you used any of the backlinking strategies in the comment box.

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What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now?

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