Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site

#How links work in the eyes of Google!!!

  • Google ranks the website based on more than 200 factors. Out of which “Backlinks” is the most influential one. By increasing the count of backlinks, you would attract more number of eyeballs to view your site. With the subsequent rise in traffic, your site will climb up to higher ranks.
  • In this article, let’s look about the different categories of backlinks and their significance. Also, we shall drill down to few specific strategies/tactics which have a greater potential in earning traffic to your site.

#What are Backlinks?

Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

  • Backlinks are nothing but hyperlinks that links your site from another site. They basically get you visitors through referral traffic and help search engines to discover your page faster. They are considered as trust builders for your website.

#Categories of Backlinks:

Backlinks can broadly be classified under three categories:

  1. #Natural Backlink/ Organic Backlink
  2. #High quality Backlink
  3. #Spammy Backlink
  • Natural Backlink:

If your website or your article is of good quality, then the top-rated domains (i.e., website owners) will offer free backlinks from their websites. These type of natural backlinks result in rapid build up of ‘Domain Authority’ or ‘Page Authority’.

  • High Quality Backlinks:

These type of backlinks are self-built. This is done upon a request or through a guest post in top-rated domains. Top-rated domains are the ones with Domain Authority above 50 or 60.

  • Spammy Backlinks:

This is nothing but leaving your website links all over the web without the consent of owners. Lot of web pages and sites are not moderated. Simply leaving your website links in such unmoderated online forums/ chat rooms/ comment section is referred to as spammy backlinks.

All these three types of backlinks help increase your ranking. But, there is a possibility of your ranking pulled down through spammy backlinks. Search engine algorithms are evolving day by day and so your website might be ranked down anytime.

#Strategies/Tactics to increase Backlinks:

Below listed are few potential strategies to increase the number of backlinks to your site. Let’s see each of them in detail.

  • Link Building
  • Spy on competitors
  • Link Roundups
  • Broken Link Building
  • Create Branded strategies or methods
  • Become a source for reporter / Blogger
  • Pre-Outreach
  • Edu resource page link Building
  • Upside down Guest post
  1. #Link Building: Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
    • Link Building is simply promoting your website by sharing your link in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Drop box, YouTube, Quora etc. Apart from this, the website links can be published in directories and forums which are relevant to your topic. For example, if yours is a business website, the link can be listed in the website of a business provider like Justdial ( This approach of listing or tagging your link to a website of topical relevance will be quick in gaining the attention of right audience.
  2. #Spy on Competitors: 

    • No wonder this is as creepy as it sounds! It is accomplished by installing SEO tools and plugins. Some commonly used SEO tools are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Alexa and Rank Signals.
    • These tools can analyze the backlink of any website. So, these tools would be deployed to basically analyze your competitors. They will analyze the pattern by sorting the blogs, posts and sites from where your competitors get backlinks from. Based on the outcome of the competitor analysis, you can provide your links in those blogs, sites, posts, forums etc… Do not do a robotic copy, paste of people’s template in case of email outreach. Project yourself with appropriate and reasonable outreach excuses. Personalize the emails to get positive responses.
  3. #Link Roundups:

    Link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that curate (and also link to) outstanding content. To identify the link roundups in your industry, use the below listed search strings .

    • Keyword+“link roundup”
    • Keyword+“roundup”
    • Keyword+“Best of this week”

    They would fetch you tons of high-quality roundups. Pitch your content to the site owner through

    email outreach. Let the person know that your content exists by adding your link in the email.

  4. #Broken Link BuildingTips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

    It is the method of building backlinks by replacing a dead/out-dated link with a working link. Let’s see the steps involved.

    • Step 1: Identify handful of dead links in websites of your niche.
    • Step 2: Install ‘Check my Link’ extension of Google
    • Step 3: Run the extension by clicking on the icon. It will report the list of broken links (404 error pages)
    • Step 4: Outreach the website owner with an offer that you have an updated content for his broken links. The more you personalize your email, the more you get. Here, you are adding value to someone’s website and asking for a backlink in return.
  5. #Create Branded strategies / Methods: Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services


    • Creating your own brand name is one of the best backlinking methods. Nothing works better than being unique. Give a unique name to your strategy. This simple idea will generate thousands of backlinks.
  6. #Become a source for reporter/Blogger:


    • If you want to get ranked on Google’s first page, you need to build links from authenticated news sites and blogs in your industry. Fortunately, this is pretty much easily done through free sites like HARO. It connects people and reporters. Register yourself as a source. Hence, it is easy to provide contents whenever needed and using this you can create quality backlinks.
  7. #Pre-Outreach:


    • Promote your post even before your website is launched or your content is published. It’s a marketing technique. This pre-outreach activity is done months or weeks ahead before your website actually goes LIVE. It helps to establish your brand identity. By doing so, you put your content in limelight in front of target audiences and customers.
  8. #.Edu Resource Page link Building:


    It is no secret that .edu websites are super powerful. The question is how to link university page links to yours. Most university websites have a resource page with content links for the quick reference of students and faculties. To identify them, pop these search strings in Google.

    • edu+”Your Keyword”
    • edu+”Your Keyword”+”resources”
    • edu+”Your Keyword”+INURL.Links
    • edu+”Your Keyword”+Other sites

    Shoot out an email with an attractive and crisp script to the person who runs the resource page. Only 5% of .edu sites that you reach out will actually accept the proposal and add your link. But the best part in making such attempts is that even one or two such links would make a massive difference in your Google ranking.

  9. #Upside down guest post:Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

    • Most people who read your guest post will tend to completely skip the Author-Bio section. Also, those Author-Bio sections usually find a place at the bottom end of a page and hence only a small probability of getting read. So, your readers will not end up visiting or even knowing your site.
    • A simple solution to this problem is the “Upside down guest post”. Yes! First write down an awesome guest post as per your normal routine. Then, include helpful resource links through out your guest post. This set of resource links should include top two or three resources of the topic you covered. Finally, include your content or website as one of the helpful resource links.


    Okay. Now you are handful of the best tips to increase the number of backlinks. Start implementing these tricks in your websites or content and you will notice a visible shoot up in number of hits to your content.

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Tips To Increase Backlinks For Your Site

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