A Case Study on Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies

A Case Study on Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Marketing is a prominent part of every business, whether running a textile industry or a beverages shop. An ideal and best marketing strategy hold the power of bringing any business into the limelight. Grow your business using the 7Ps of marketing. Today in this blog, we will highlight the marketing strategy of a famous company that owns a huge name and fame worldwide and has become the coffee behemoth. Are you ready for this disclosure? As we said coffee, so definitely it is not tough to guess Starbucks. When it comes to popularity, you must have heard people praising the coffee of the Starbucks Corporation. However, do you want to know how they have become so popular and giant across the world? Then we have come up with the market research of Starbucks that will clear all the doubts, and you will find it helpful for your business.

The journey begins from Pike Place Market, Seattle as a purveyor of coffee beans in 1971. This is the first store of Starbucks where it usually sells roasted and high-quality coffee beans to the customers to take home. As time passed, the actual owner of Starbucks sold the company to Howard D. Schultz, an American businessperson. Then, the store of coffee beans becomes the seller of premium quality coffee. This is the beginning phase of Starbucks as a server of coffee, and later, it becomes one of the famous brands for coffee across the world.

In the present climate, Starbucks is a brand familiar with its premium quality coffee and other foods. The American multinational chain of Coffeehouse and Roastery has successfully built its empire globally with its excellent marketing tactics. You are discovering the best marketing strategy for your business. Then try the marketing strategy of Starbucks Corporation. This blog conveys the complete Starbucks marketing case study, and with it, you will know how they use the 4Ps of marketing in their business to make its brand growth consistent.

Marketing is a mixture of 7Ps, i.e. Product, Price, Place, People, Promotion, Physical evidence and Process. Some businesspeople implement it on their business model, while some do not. However, Starbucks Corporation uses the 4Ps of marketing in its business thoroughly. After researching, we discovered the 4Ps marketing strategy that helped a lot in the growth of Starbucks. Starbucks always stated that it is in the business of a person selling coffee to customers. All its taglines and mission lines represent that it develops a product to satisfy the customers’ needs. An entrepreneur can learn a lot from Starbucks and implement its marketing strategy for better business growth and revenue.

Starbucks Corporation and its 4Ps of marketing

• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promotion

Let’s begin with the product strategy

Boom with the Unique Product design and Strategy

A Case Study on Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Product is the crucial aspect of every brand. Therefore, it is essential to keep your product best. If you want customers towards your products, you should come out with the premium quality products like Starbucks. A famous brand delivers the top-quality and best coffee to the customers. However, Starbucks ensures that all products stand on the client expectation and stand best. It offers customers discounts, loyalty points, and rewards to ensure that clients enjoy the best service at Starbucks coffee house. Starbucks is one of the world-famous coffee houses known for its premium quality coffee. It comes out with a unique product design that instantly grabs the customer attention. Likewise, it offers a coffee cup with the customer’s signature and so on. All the product’s strategies smote the customers and boost product revenue. Starbucks has 32,600 coffeehouse chain stores in 83 countries around the world. Starbucks has offered varieties of coffee since 1971. It deals with several products such as:

1. Coffee
2. Tea
3. Baked Goods
4. Frappuccino
5. Smoothies
6. Starbucks Merchandise (Mugs, Instant coffee etc.)
7. Other food items and beverages

Price: Top-products cost high bills

Another strategy of Starbucks starts with price. Starbucks launched all its products at an expensive cost because it wanted its product superior to others. That is why Starbucks charges a high amount. To make their price worthy, it delivers the top-quality and best coffee along with various delicious meals in its places. Above all, Starbucks’ target audiences are males and females of the upper-middle class who can regularly afford expensive coffee.

The premium quality and excellent service Starbucks stands on all. This is the reason the people praise the coffee of Starbucks. Therefore, if you want to stand out, your brand from others enhances its quality and service and satisfies customer needs.

Place: Pick a location with heavy eyeballs

One of the prominent aspects we discover in the market research of Starbucks is Place. So let’s explore it.

The place is crucial as it encourages business growth. However, Starbucks understands the importance of choosing an ideal place for the store for betterment. It determines the popular area, which has markets and malls so that its entire store grab multiple eyeballs. Above all, it creates a fantastic ambience in all the stores and renders an excellent customer service. It focuses more on designing and makes their place premium for the customers to enjoy sparing time with their family and friends. Starbucks has 12,711 company-operated stores; accounting for about 51% of the total stores and 12,374 licensed Starbucks stores represent approximately 49% of total stores.

So it indicates that place strategy plays a pivotal role in Starbucks’ business growth. If you also want to expand your business, then pick the ideal place for better business growth.

Promotion: Amazing tool for brand promotion and customer engagement

A Case Study on Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

If you are still using the traditional advertising method solely, it affects your business growth and customer engagement in the tech-savvy world. Gone are days when hoardings and banners are the only medium of advertising. Now you have multiple advertising platforms that promote brand awareness and entice customer engagement.

Starbucks, the famous brand of coffee, also come out with the latest update and offer e-pay service so that customers can smoothly enjoy its benefits. In addition, Starbucks launched its mobile application app and joint venture with several food delivery brands such as Swiggy, Zomato, etc. It allows the customer to get coffee and other foods delivered directly to their doorstep. Above all, it spends a lot on advertising and uses several social media platforms for brand promotions.

• Offline Advertising
• Digital Advertising
• Social media
• Sales promotions
• Public relations
• Starbucks prefers giant banners and hoardings to promote the beverages and ongoing offers.

Starbucks marketing expenses totalled USD378.7 million, USD351.5 million and USD315.5 million in fiscal 2016, 2015, and 2014, respectively. These include advertising expenses, which totalled USD248.6 million, USD227.9 million and USD198.9 million in fiscal 2016, 2015, and 2014, respectively.

Therefore with these figures mentioned above, you can get an idea of how this big brand spares a massive amount on advertising, so why not you. You want your brand entices more customers; promotion plays a crucial role in achieving better business growth if you want that. So, grow your brand using all these 4Ps of marketing that Starbucks implements in its business model for better growth and revenue.

“Starbucks Coffee’s corporate mission: In everything we do, we are always dedicated to Our Mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time”.


After deep market research of Starbucks, we discover that Starbucks holds an excellent marketing strategy and focuses on delivering premium quality products and services to the customers. This makes the brand stand out from the crowd. In addition, it knew the importance of the 4Ps of marketing in Business. Thus, it implements all thoroughly and comes out with the best results.

Thus in this Starbucks marketing case study, we elaborate all the marketing strategies of Starbucks that how it uses all the 4Ps of marketing in its business to expand its business revenue and customer engagement. In this, you will get to know how Starbucks can sell their product in bulk and engage customers towards the store with expensive product prices. However, Starbucks believes to deliver products that satisfy customer needs. Starbucks has 32,600 coffeehouse chain stores in 83 countries worldwide and offers varieties of coffee and other foods products. In addition, Starbucks has 12,711 company-operated stores, which accounts for about 51% of the total number of stores and 12,374 licensed Starbucks stores represent approximately 49% of total stores.

As we have mentioned, all the vital marketing strategies of Starbucks. I hope you find our Starbucks marketing case study helpful. If you find it beneficial, then drop your comments in the comments section box.

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A Case Study on Starbuck’s Marketing Strategies

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