SEO Strategies That Google Rewards

SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

  • In today’s era of the ever-expanding world wide web, it is inevitable to build a solid SEO strategy. The right digital marketing and SEO strategy will help you to reach your audience and uncover the perfect market. The search engine giant Google is also evolving day by day. As it evolves it keeps upgrading its ranking factors. Google makes more than 3000 algorithms of change per year. Its roughly 9 changes per day. So how can you beat this company at their own game and rank higher? Especially when you consider they generate more than 100 billion USD per year in ad revenue.

Some traditional methods of SEO still exist and we will discuss the best SEO strategies that you must do right now to get rewards from Google:

  1. #Mobile-friendliness: SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing ServicesThe number of people surfing the internet through mobile phones has crossed the number of people surfing from desktops. Currently, more than 3 billion people are using smartphones. The number keeps increasing.Mobile applications and messaging applications, since their emergence, have become the main source of drawing customer attention and bring them into the digital marketing world. While creating an SEO strategy if you overlook this factor then you will be losing potential customers.2018, the year when Google first introduced a mobile-first indexing strategy. This means Google considers the mobile version of a page for indexing. The most important thing Google’s assistant is closely connected to Google search. You ask any question to Assistant; it will search in the search engine and it will find the appropriate answer in mobile devices. So, it is an important point to keep in mind.There are some important points to keep in mind while designing your mobile version of the webpage:
    • Avoid Flash- It isn’t available for every device instead you can use html5
    • Avoid Popups- many mobile phones don’t translate this well.
    • Design with the finger in mind- Google webmaster tool will help you to get the information on how many instances your website has and how many pages don’t consider the path of the user’s finger. Your site will be penalized if it has elements that are too big, too small, too close together, and so on.
    • Optimize your page with meta tag, titles, and description.A user has less physical space while searching on the phone. This needs to be taken into consideration when moving forward with your mobile SEO strategy
      . The best practice will be as concise as possible without sacrificing important information.
  2. #Republishing:
    • Republishing is the most underutilized tactic of SEO strategy but it is also most rewarding by Google. We always try to create new content that is more effective than the previous one and this new content would have drawn more traffic to the website and boosted the ranking.
    • Republishing old content, if done right can give you a new audience. Not all blog posts can be republished, the key to list down all previous posts and strategically make decisions based on metrics like bounce rate, backlink generated and so on.
    • The entire gimmick is how you share and what you share. Not all contents can be shared and sharing similar contents can arise duplicity and can harm your ranking. Posting some important points from an article that has previously posted on your website will help you avoid duplicate content and boost your audience engagement.
  3. #Content:SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services 
    • Content is the key to ranking. People ask Google to find suitable content for them. Content creation should be your main focus for SEO strategy.
    • People search for something by putting some keywords, Google analyzes those keywords and show results in which the keywords are more focused. High-quality contents refer to the contents that are relevant, informative, and useful to your visitors. Publishing quality content will increase your ranking and posting regularly will increase your brand awareness.
    • While creating your SEO strategy you should focus on quality content. Posting quality content not only educates your visitors but also gains trust. It is also the SEO strategy of getting more organic traffic and secures higher rankings in Google.
    • Google rewards the contents which are more relevant and useful to visitors. Moreover, if you are creating video and graphical content then posting it on all over social media platforms and embedding it on your website will decrease your bounce rate, visitors will spend more time on your website. Google gives a strong weight on the visual contents as visitors can see the content, comprehend, and remember easily.
  4. #HTTPS encryption:SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services 
    • While focusing on your SEO strategy you should keep your site secure also. The main concern of your SEO strategy is to bring more traffic to your site. When traffic comes to your site, they always look for security whether you have an eCommerce site or business site. Users will stay long if they feel secured while sharing their data. Shifting from HTTP to HTTPS will ensure the website’s security and all the user data will be secured. Google rewards the sites that have an HTTPS security level and prioritizes them for rankings.
  5. #Backlinks:SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
    • Google also rewards one of the SEO strategies that are called Backlinks. A backlink is created when one website links to another website. Backlinks represent ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another.
    • In essence, backlinks to your website is a signal to search engine that your content is important to others. If many websites link to a website or webpage, search engines will think the content has worth and therefore surfacing in the SERP. So, earning as many backlinks as possible will increase your website’s ranking. Google awards those websites which have more backlinks.
    • Some backlinks are inherently more valuable than others. Followed backlinks from trustworthy, popular, high-authority sites are considered the most desirable backlinks to earn, while backlinks from low-authority, potentially spammy sites are typically at the other end of the spectrum.
  6. #Bonus SEO Strategy- Conquer the world:SEO Strategies That Google Rewards, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services 
    • One of the best SEO strategies that come from a Google employee that is Google has tons of content while ranking a page in English but they lack content in other regions.
    • Now if you translate your contents in different languages that will increase your organic traffic from different regions. Just pick the regions based on population size and GDP. It will not boost your site immediately but will give you a boost in the long run.

    #Wrapping It up:

    • There are tons of information comes daily and more will come in the future. However, it is important to look after your SEO strategy and alter them. Without these strategies, businesses can increase their audience but may fail to attract the relevant audience. So, unlearn the old and embrace the new. That being said, utilizes these super SEO Strategies that Google emphasizes and rewards well.

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SEO Strategies That Google Rewards

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