Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads

Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services


What is the motive behind the ios 14 update; Privacy or Profit? Apple recently announced a new ios update for Facebook ads that has created a sensation in the business industry. Everyone is wondering about the ios 14 update’s advantages, disadvantages, and impact on Facebook advertising in the digital space.

Facebook advertising is a boon for all the low-budget entrepreneurs who hold the million-dollar idea, and this platform enables them to transform their vision into a business. The Facebook Ad campaign is like a seed that costs minimal, but its output is enormous. Spending a few dollars entice several leads, a great opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs and content creator.

But, after researching, we get to know that a new iPhone update for facebook will impact Facebook advertising.

Facebook had approached Apple to nullify some changes as it will affect the remarketing and personalized ads that put in trouble to a small business or Facebook. When the pandemic hit, Social Media and Facebook Advertising play a crucial role in generating sales and leading to the business. A large number of small ventures use Facebook advertising to promote their brand and drive more conversions.

The new iPhone update for Facebook will affect the small ventures and those who depend on Facebook advertising to target the right audience.

Let’s garner more information about the impact of ios 14 updates on Facebook ads.

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Before moving ahead, let us dig a little information about what exactly ios update is.

What is the IOS 14 update?

Apple has made changes, i.e. ios 14 updates in which all the apps of the app store will show a prompt to all the ios users, asking the permission whether users allow the app to track their device using the external platform.

Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

The update enables more robust privacy to protect the users’ data and allows the business to develop a more transparent and trusted way of performing business without invading its confidentiality.

We all know that a coin has two-phase similarly ios 14 update has, it holds both positive and negative impact. 

Suppose, on the off chance, if Facebook ads do not exist, then this ios 14 update has no negative impact because the update enables sturdy privacy that will keep users’ data safe and secure. Moreover, it aware users of the app’s tracking behaviour and ask permission whether users want the app to allow it or not.

Here we have mentioned Digital Expert Steffen Schebesta’s opinion about the ios 14 updates.

Steffen Schebesta, CEO of, Sendinblue gives light to the positive side of the ios 14 updates.

Steffen: “As the world continues to become more virtual, there have been many calls for better data protection. Apple made this move to strengthen and protect user privacy, as more businesses scrutinized for not being transparent enough in our virtual world. Social media, for example, continues to grow larger daily, and as it continues to be a dominating aspect of our lives, there has been a decrease in trust in social platforms and an increase in calls for regulation. While the decision of who will enforce virtual regulations and how will enforce these regulations is still unknown, Apple has taken a proactive step to give users the option to control their privacy better”.

Digital expert stated that this update’s motive is to build more robust privacy; on the other hand, we have discovered that this prompt feature does not apply to the Apple apps. 

So, we cannot claim the exact motive of a new ios update for Facebook ads, but it is quite clear that the update is not limited to privacy.

Now let’s move further to investigate ios 14 update affects on Facebook Ads.

How ios 14 update impacts Facebook ads?

Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

The ios 14 updates create turbulence in Facebook advertising because the update degrades the efficacy of pixel tracking, optimization and reporting data. The three pillars of Facebook advertising play a crucial role in conversion and enables Facebook to identify the user’s needs and choice. The update of ios 14 affects Facebook’s ability to receive and process the conversion of data from tools like Facebook Pixel.

The new ios 14 updates for Facebook ads is a black hole in tracking and optimizing because earlier face book has the right to follow the customer’s behaviour and data. They are evaluating which advertiser is best for the customers and shows them what they are looking for.

Or in simpler words, the conversion is more straightforward, but after this, it may harness more. The new iPhone update for Face book will prompt less tracking of individuals on cell phones. It will affect the pixel and everything related to it (conversion tracking optimization, focusing on). It will affect mobile application advertisements.

That’s why Facebook panicked and approached Apple to nullify ios 14 update changes. Nowadays, Facebook premises are worrying a lot because this update impacts their revenue and app installation numbers.

Statista reported that 79.9% of people are using Facebook on mobile devices, and out of 79.9%, large numbers of people are using ios device.

That means it’s hard to conclude how many people will allow the app to track their phones.

  • Degrade Advertising effectiveness: It enables less-effective and inefficient advertising that will not provide significant results to the businesses and face a massive audience barrier. As users will opt-out from the tracking, then advertising is pointless that affects other factors too, and you failed to identify the user’ needs and unable to remarketing also. 
  • Low website sales from ads: De personalization ads hardly attain a massive audience. Those who depend on the ads to boost their sales will affect because less personalized ads mean acquiring 60% fewer website sales from ads. 
  • Private ventures face challenges to connect with their target audience and diminish growth: Trouble for a small business owner, entrepreneur and content creator as now they were unable to target the massive audience due to the new iPhone update for Facebook, Apple announced. Prior, sparing few dollars is enough to target the crowd in bulk and achieve their likeable audience, but now the update will significantly impact conversion and limited the growth.

Even to protect the small business from the update. Facebook had taken a step against Apple and started a page “add your voice.”

Here know more details about this. 

What did Facebook state about ios 14 update and small businesses?

Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Facebook claims that it will affect the weakest organizations’ instead of enormous brands with deep pockets.

In a post hit Speaking Up for Small Businesses, Dan Levy, the VP of Ads and Business Products, asserts that the “new ios 14 updates will hurtfully affect numerous private ventures that are battling to survive in the business world.” 

To protect the small business owners from this chaos Facebook had created a page for entrepreneurs to “add your voice” against the new iPhone update for Facebook. To help owners share their posts and videos, recordings in public, or say that Facebook tried to start an online protest against the ios update as indirectly if this update launched, Facebook will suffer a lot and deal with the huge loss.

But if we genuinely give a thought to this matter, then we can understand that if ios 14 updates, most of the large ventures will quit Facebook advertising, which means Face book may suffer from immense loss and affect its growth.

Till now, we have acquired information on how new ios 14 updates affects Facebook ads. 

Now it’s time to explore the ways and plan around the new ios update for Facebook ads.

Lets explored!

How to plan around the ios 14 updates?

Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

There are some ways that we have put forward to plan around the ios 14 updates.

  • Opt-out ios device from a campaign with a conversion point: It will convey an idea of how many conversions you will get after the ios 14 updates. It is a quick way to let you know about the ad campaign’s transformation with android devices only.
  • Develop a campaign that focuses on other aspects: A campaign focuses on other aspects rather than depending on the Facebook pixel. It will allow the owner to identify from which ads set; they got the ads. There are other options available that help business to boost their sales rather than Facebook. 
  • Get more useful information on your landing page: Follow the folk’s means to ask for more information about the users such as name, last name and e-mail address that will allow you to update the audience with your new service and offers via mail and promote brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Has the time come that ends Facebook advertising? It is hard to say anything, but after researching and exploring, one thing is quite clear: the new ios update for Facebook ads will damage Facebook and small ventures.

So, we request our users to prepare themselves and strategize new driving conversion methods rather than relying 100% on Facebook advertising.

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Here’s What The ios 14 Update Means For Your Facebook Ads

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