How To Increase The Time User Spends On Your Site?

How To Increase The Time User Spends On Your Site?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services Who doesn’t want to convert visitors into customers? Who doesn’t want to increase the page views? In the process of running a website, the main criteria are to increase the number of visitors for our site and to appear higher in the search engine. But is that all that is required to make the website successful? No!! A successful website not only needs to increase the footfall but to make them stay for longer on our site. According to a survey, people usually stay for less than 15 seconds on a site and our goal is to provide them enough content which is both engaging and helpful to make them stay for longer. Now the question is how to engage our audience- because in the internet world, where everything is easily available to the audience it won’t be a task for them to shift to other ones. Here are several tips and tricks to make our user spend more time on our sites- How To Increase The Time User Spends On Your Site?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  1. #Speed up your website:
    • The basic and the most important feature to increase the staying limit, is to reduce the time a site takes to load. If it is taking more than a few seconds, no one even bothers opening it the second time.
  2. #Hook up:
    • Provide your customers with attention-grabbing content right from the basics. Starting with the title. Until and unless the title catches their attention, they won’t be interested in visiting the site.
  3. #Satisfy with your promise:
    • The title you are providing should be in favor of the content you mention. No one cares, to read until the first few lines generate curiosity in them. Both the title and the text should be following each other.
  4. #Short and Sweet:
    • No one likes to read long and boring content. The engagement of the audience is most important and that is achieved through using shorter sentences and simple language. However, it is not necessarily the case with every website. If you are selling something that requires you to explain things in detail form, then short and simple won’t work. So make your own choices according to the need of your site.
  5. #Appealing Videos:
    • Everyone is short on time and wants to grab large information in a small period. No one wants to spend their precious time on a single website just scrolling endlessly to gather useful information.But how that can be provided? Easy- either provide them with videos or simply convert your text into a PowerPoint presentation, just mentioning the important and the basic points of your content. It is worthy to note that website that uses videos generate 49% more revenue than their counterparts.
  6. #Help in Scrutinizing: 
    • No one is interested in reading a long and boring text. People usually scroll the website and if they find anything worth their attention, then they stop to read it. But how to ensure that the content you are providing will grab their eyes.
    1. Make sure to change the font size or the color of something worth reading between the texts.
    2. Use bullets to stand out from the rest of the content
    3. Break your text into subheadings.
    4. Maximize your paragraphs to 3 to 4 lines.
  7. #Renovation:
    • Everything around us needs updating and modernization to stay in the rat race. To increase the dwell time, one needs to make changes in the content and regularly update them. What loses the interest of the person in staying longer at the site is when they realize that nothing has changed since the last visit. The content has already been gone through and there is nothing new that catches their attention. In some cases, however, it’s not easy to update the content regularly. Various blogs, videos, feedback can be applied to make them stay longer and keep them interested.
  8. #Provide utility:
    • Think from the perspective of your target customers. What they want? How they want? And when they want? Design your content revolving around your customers to keep them engaged and satisfied. By providing them with valuable content, you are making sure to keep them for long on the website and assuring to visit the next time.
  9. #Engage in exit:
    • Intent pop-up offers- Create several pop-ups to engage the visitors to your site. By creating these pop-ups you are not in any way disturbing navigation. There are several ways you can use.
    • Personalize their experience by using their names. Initially, just grab their names when visiting the site and surprise them with their name pop-up when they intend to leave.
    • Provide them with some choices and then try to understand them better. This way they won’t be leaving your site.
    • Add a progress bar to let them know how far they have reached on the site and are just a few steps away to build a relationship with us.
  10. #Call to action:
    • It’s is the most important action that grabs a user’s attention as soon as he lands on your page. Make sure to place a “call to action” button at the right place- as not to sound too eager and also not to delay it for so long to make them lose their interest. It is used to let your visitor know what they should do and to motivate them to do so. You can also provide some visuals and videos with your call to action button to gain more attention.
  11. #Garnished Pictures:
    • Make sure the pictures you have added with your content are relevant and look attention-worthy. As known “Beauty lies in the eyes” when you provide them with good content and beautiful images users are bound to stay for longer. However, high-quality images are high in pixels which will affect the loading speed of the page. Optimize the pictures before using them for better results.
  12. #Internal Links:
    • Provides dual benefits for your site. By helping you in SEO to make your site visible higher in the search engine. It also engages the audience which in turn helps them to stay for longer periods on your site. Provide those links to a different page on the same site, helping them to navigate more efficiently and also make them understand the hierarchy of the system.Following these basic rules ensures to keep your audience engaged throughout the site which in turn is useful to increase the time limit of staying there longer.

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How To Increase The Time User Spends On Your Site?

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