How do I put an ad on Facebook so that it reaches the target audience?

Hi, Many people are really confused because of this statement from Facebook

“Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who are most likely to find your ads relevant. You can further target your ad delivery with three audience selection tools”

They don’t use targeting assuming that Facebook must automatically be targeting to their potential audience. Now, here we need to understand this statement correctly, Facebook has become very much AI efficient now but still they have not reached to the level where they can start targeting your audience in one go (not even close :-)) so you need to tell Facebook that you have the persona of the user ready and what is is that you think about your audience? And if you choose the right audience, bingo! You are there, you have given a sample space where you actually allow Facebook to play and reach out to your audience and with time you start getting optimised costs of acquisition due to the AI Facebook uses to optimise your ads.

Now for reaching the right audience after your are ready of your target user persona, you can target user using below options which are easy and self explaining

#1. Age
#2. Gender
#3. location
#4. Interests
#5. Behaviour
#6. Demographics

Now you need to be intelligent enough to find out the right permutations and combinations for your ads.

This answer is written by DigitalFry’s founder Abhishek Garg himself and you can get in touch with him by clicking the contact us botton

Thanks and all the best!

How do I put an ad on Facebook so that it reaches the target audience?

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