Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?

Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

According to eMarketer, Google Ads commands nearly 29 % of the digital ad spending in 2021. Google’s ads business accounted for over 80 % ($147 million) of its total revenue in 2020. This is because Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is one of the most effective ways of advertising your business on Google. Google Ads allows you to pay only for the number of times your ad is clicked, rather than for displaying it. In other words, this is known as PPC or Pay Per Click. You can either manage and run your ad on your own or you can hire Ppc marketing services to do the same for you. You can easily find a Ppc company in delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and all other major hubs of India that will efficiently run your Google Ad.

According to a 2018 Google Ads report, for every $1 spent by businesses on Google Ads, they earned a revenue of $2. This reflects the huge potential in Google Ads. Hiring Ppc services in delhi and other major cities of India will allow you to customize your Google Ad according to well-researched needs. In this manner, you can make use of Ppc marketing services from a PPC agency to sky-rocket your business to success.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads works on a real-time auction-based system. You put up your ad and choose the keywords you wish to advertise for. The keyword is the search query that people are going to be searching for on Google. When they search for the relevant keyword on Google, your ad will be displayed if it has the highest bid.

How Google charges for Google Ads?

Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

The cost of your Google Ad depends on several factors. It is best to analyze these factors to decide whether you should consult a Ppc company in delhi and other parts of India or not.

  • Click-through rate: The cost of your Google Ad is directly derived from its click-through rate. This means, the greater the number of people clicking on the ad out of the total people seeing your ad, the lower will be its cost. You can use Ppc marketing services to ensure your ad has a greater appeal and thus a greater click-through rate.
  • Relevance to the keyword: If the page that your Google Ad redirects to is directly related to the keyword you are targeting, then it will reduce the cost of your Google Ad. You can use the help of a Ppc agency in delhi to determine the best keywords you can target through your Google Ad.
  • Market trends: The cost of your Google Ad will depend on your industry and vary with market trends. Some keywords will have high bids placed for ads and you will need to bid even higher for your ad to show.
  • Ad schedule: You can schedule your Google Ad to run at specific timings. In this way, you can evade the highest bid for the keyword by scheduling your ad for a different time. Ppc marketing services from a PPC agency can help you determine the best timings to show your ad. This should be dependent on when the internet has traffic for your target keyword and when the traffic converts into leads. A PPC company can help you set the right balance using its expertise and experience so your ad returns maximum revenue.
  • Quality score: The quality of your ad in terms of SEO settings and content optimization also helps determine its cost. You can obtain a high-quality ad that will have a lower cost by obtaining Ppc services in delhi and other cities of India. Ppc marketing services will often provide a landing page for your Google Ad, further boosting its quality score and reducing its cost.

Benefit in spending on Google Ads

Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

As the highest bidder, you pay for the ad only when the user clicks on your ad. This increases the flexibility and the potential you get in Google Ads. It is the reason that the functionality of Google is called PPC, or Pay Per Click. Whether you are running the ad on your own or relying on a Ppc management company to manage your Google Ad, you can rest assured that all of your investment can potentially lead to huge returns. This can be in the form of leads, traffic or sales for your business. You can ensure this by obtaining high-quality Ppc services in delhi and other major cities of India.

How will a Ppc company in delhi charge?

If you seek Ppc services in delhi or any other cities in India, the Ppc management company will often have a pricing model. Following are the common pricing models that a Ppc agency in delhi and other cities of India would follow.

  1. Percentage of ad spend 

Under this pricing model, the Ppc management company will charge you a specific percentage of the amount you are spending on your Google Ad. Therefore, you will be investing the money going into the ad and the percentage of it you will be paying for getting Ppc services in delhi, Mumbai or any other cities of India.

Advantages of it: This pricing model often involves a minimum spend for the Google Ad. Therefore, if you are going to be investing a large amount of money into your Google Ads, this will be the ideal pricing model for getting Ppc marketing services. That is because you will only have to pay a small amount to the Ppc company in delhi in comparison to your total spending and total revenues.

  1. Management fee + percentage of ad spend 

This pricing model will require you to pay a specific amount as a management fee to the PPC agency along with a percentage of the ad spent. In this manner, the fixed percentage that you will be paying to the Ppc agency in delhi or any other city will be greatly reduced. This is because you will be paying a one-time fee to the Ppc management company for its Ppc marketing services.

Advantages of it: Since you will be paying a management fee as well to the Ppc management company, you will have a greater “ownership” of your ad. The PPC company will not be able to claim proprietorship on your Google Ad in return for providing Ppc services in delhi or any other city. 

  1. Flat management fee 

A Ppc agency in delhi can also charge you a flat one-time fee in return for its Ppc marketing services. You will be paying a predetermined amount, and in return, the Ppc company in delhi will manage and run your Google.

Advantages of it: If your Google Ad is going to be static and long-term, then this is the ideal pricing for you. The one-time management fee will greatly reduce your long-term expenditure for Ppc services in delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any city of your choice.

What do Ppc marketing services cover?

Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

When you seek Ppc services in delhi or any other city, you will be getting the complete set of Ppc marketing services. The Ppc company in delhi or even in your city will make sure your Google Ad is created, run and managed in the best possible manner. In this manner, consulting a Ppc agency in delhi will ensure you get maximum revenues when you invest in Ppc services in delhi or any city of your choice.

  • Ad design: The Ppc company in delhi will design your ad to have a high-quality score. In this manner, your ad will cost less to run on Google. In addition, it will have a higher client-through rate, generating you a greater number of leads.
  • Keyword targeting: The Ppc company in delhi will determine the best keywords that your ad should target. This should depend on the existing bids for various keywords and the present market trends, to decide the best balance in its Ppc marketing services.

Ad management: The Ppc management company will help you decide the best timings for running your ad and several other factors. This is important as click-through rates depend on seasons and timings. Determining the best schedule requires a lot of research that you can take advantage of, by consulting a Ppc company in delhi or other hubs for Ppc marketing services. In this way, you can ensure your ad returns you maximum possible revenue if you consult a Ppc company in delhi.

Facebook Ads in Ppc marketing services

Facebook Advertising is another growing trend with effective and proven results. This is because of the ever-growing popularity of social media. An increasing number of people are looking to opt for seeking the products and services they need on social media where information is more relatable to them. For this reason, PPC companies also offer to run and manage your Facebook Ads. This is because Facebook Ads fall under the category of Ppc marketing services as well.

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook offers you the option to build your ads within the Facebook Ads Manager. These ads can be of the following three types:

  1. Photo ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Carousel ads (a stream/carousel of multiples links within the same ad)

When building your Facebook Ad, the PPC marketing company will follow certain steps to ensure the delivery of an appealing, effective and targeted ad.

  1. Setting the objective of the ad
  2. Determining the target audience for the ad (based on location, age, demographics, page visits, etc.)
  3. Effective placement of the ad
  4. Setting up the budget of the ad, which can be either per day or for the lifetime of the ad
  5. Scheduling the ad and determining how long it would run for.

Are Facebook Ads worth it?

While an average click on Google Ads costs $2.69, Facebook Ads are comparatively cheaper at around $0.55. However, the potential cost-per-conversion from these ads can be anywhere between $30 to $300. In other words, effective management of the Facebook Ads campaign can drive high-quality clicks, that will result in the boost of sales or generation of leads. A good PPC marketing company will cover all the necessary factors to provide an effective and result-oriented implementation of your Facebook Ads campaign. In this way, Facebook Ads will be able to help give your business growth the required push to the top of the ladder.

Boost your business through PPC services in delhi

You can consult a top Ppc agency in delhi for their top-notch Ppc marketing services. Their Ppc services in delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata or any other city of your choice will help drive your business growth. All in all, consulting the right Ppc company in delhi can help you sky-rocket the success of your business.

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Google Ads: Should I hire a PPC company?

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