Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

According to nChannel, 44 % of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search, rather than going to vendor websites. In fact, SEMrush states that 37 % of all traffic to eCommerce websites is directed from search engines. For this reason, in a world where new online businesses are emerging on a steady basis, it is most vital to set yourself apart from your competitors. eCommerce SEO will definitely help achieve this through targeted E-Commerce SEO Services.

Surely, the quality and type of your products or services might be good enough to retain the customers, but how are you going to put yourself out there? This very requirement to be visible to the target audience on Google searches has brought on the overwhelming need of hiring an ecommerce marketing agency. Using their SEO services, even an emerging business or start-up can ensure that its products and services are as visible to the target audience as those of established giants in the industry.

The task of an ecommerce seo company is to boost the visibility of an organization in the industry it works in. An ecommerce marketing agency will offer several kinds of ecommerce seo packages to cater to the different needs of businesses working in different domains and on different scales. In this manner, E-Commerce SEO Services are vital to an online organization or business. By selecting the ecommerce seo packages that suit their needs, emerging online businesses can truly establish their name in the industry.

Why E-Commerce SEO Services?

Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Imagine an online business that plans to operate across multiple countries. In such a case, E-Commerce SEO Services to target and boost specific web pages, or products or services, will help it expand its outreach to the fullest. An ecommerce marketing agency will work with a scalable approach that is actually going to drive the organization’s online business and outreach. This is achieved through analysis, strategic approaches, analytics, outreach measures, integration and automation.

Business Insider states that 23.6% of eCommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic The organization’s ranking in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) rises organically when it consults an ecommerce seo company. In this manner, E-Commerce SEO Services help in increasing the amount of organic traffic and the number of customers. As a result, the business will receive a greater and long-term ROI from its investment in E-Commerce SEO Services.

Aspects of eCommerce SEO strategy

Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

In order for E-Commerce SEO Services to have a large-scale and solid impact on the SEO of a website, various aspects of SEO need to be kept in mind. These aspects work as an essential checklist. This is because, only when all of these are taken care of, can the ecommerce seo company increase the online visibility and outreach of eCommerce businesses in their domain. A business can choose from different ecommerce seo packages depending on what the purpose and requirements out doing SEO are.

1. Dominate a product or service category

Forrester mentioned in 2020 after a thorough study that traffic sourced through organic searches will have higher retention rates, leading to increased customer lifetime value (CLV). These long-term customers will also explore the other categories of products or services Therefore, the SEO techniques employed by an ecommerce marketing agency include targeting a product or service category that the business works in. This leads to increased visibility and eventually increased search rates for the specific product or service category.

Dominating a product or service category through high CLV boosts the organization’s large-scale and overall SEO. This eventually leads to a boost in the SEO of other specific categories as well. An ecommerce seo company will determine the product or service category to target based on careful and well-researched analysis of the market, so it leads to the most beneficial results.

2. Holistic optimization

An ecommerce seo company makes sure to follow holistic approaches to the SEO of an eCommerce business. This will boost the SEO of the organization from the ground up in a more solidified manner. In this way, the value of the SEO done is more long-term, and not lost quickly. This is the competitive edge you get when you consult a good ecommerce marketing agency.

  • E-Commerce SEO Services should be aimed at developing high-quality, unique content and other on-page techniques.

  • Other techniques such as targeting long-tail keywords will also help your organization to truly stand out through effective E-Commerce SEO Services.

3. Brand protection

In modern times, consumers tend to search for brands related to the products and services they need, rather than the product or service itself. This is because they relate more to brands, and connect with them on a personal level. For this reason, brand protection is often a critical component of ecommerce seo packages,

An ecommerce seo company will help to make sure all branded searches related to your organization will only bring up results related to your brands. This involves results related to reviews on the brand, and its products or services. This will help your business or brand establish and maintain its identity and value, and help in its brand protection. Brand and identity protection is crucial for emerging and established e-commerce businesses alike.

Surely, you don’t want your competitors to appear in the search results related to your brand and steal the limelight away through you. E-Commerce SEO Services can help ensure this doesn’t happen. This is another reason why consulting an ecommerce marketing agency is highly crucial for any organization in building its brand and brand value. Following this approach has been proven to increase the ROI on the SEO performed multi-fold.

4. Automation

Automation is the key to achieving efficiency. An ecommerce seo company will automate various SEO measures such as keyword research on a large scale. This helps in making E-Commerce SEO Services scalable as well. In addition, these services will be targeted for web pages, video search results, social media and all other forms of internet content. This is the reason why hiring an ecommerce marketing agency boosts ranking on Google in an all-rounded fashion.

Different ecommerce seo packages will be making the use of different tools. The best choice of tools depends on the purpose and goals in using the E-Commerce SEO Services. Some of the tools used by such a company to automate SEO techniques like keyword research include:

5. Reporting

Automated and scalable reporting of the performance of E-Commerce SEO Services makes the process more result-oriented. By doing so, an ecommerce marketing agency brings forth and implements SEO techniques with large-scale and proven benefits. Some of the common platforms used for reporting SEO performance include Domo, Tableau and DashThis.

Checklist steps in E-Commerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

There are a vast number of points for an ecommerce seo company to consider. The team members at such a company will need to go through this entire checklist while delivering the E-Commerce SEO Services. Only by doing so, can they ensure the maximum and most efficient results for improving the business’s ranking and visibility on Google.

Several eCommerce marketing agencies will offer customized or pre-tailored ecommerce seo packages. While specific SEO techniques will surely help, in many cases the online business is unsure of how well its website is optimized for SEO. In such cases, it is highly advised for the business to opt for ecommerce seo packages that cover the entire SEO checklist. Doing so will ensure maximum boost and therefore maximum ROI from investing in E-Commerce SEO Services.

1. Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO involves SEO techniques to monitor, analyze, assess and improve the performance of a website and its web pages in terms of SEO. 

  • Set up the Google Search Console: This tool helps the ecommerce marketing agency to keep track of the performance of the business’s website on Google over time.
  • Setup Google Analytics: This is an analytics tool that helps in understanding how people use and view the website of the eCommerce business. By analyzing the bounce rates on different pages, the keywords with success rates for driving organic traffic, etc., the E-Commerce SEO Services will be honed for your specific needs and present performance. This makes consulting an eCommerce marketing company a more efficient means to boost the organization’s SEO. 
  • Install Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is a highly optimized and effective plugin used by almost every ecommerce seo company. It helps in both on-page and off-page enterprise SEO services.

2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO techniques are aimed at optimizing the pages through their tags, descriptions, URL, etc., to boost their SEO, and eventually improve ranking on Google

  • Keyword planning: Some of the best and most popular tools for keyword research include Google Suggest, Keywordtool.io, KWFinder and Google Keyword Planner. An ecommerce seo company should target long-tail keywords as well, which has more effective performance in terms of boosting SEO. In addition, targeting keywords with less competition is also part of an effective strategy for E-Commerce SEO Services. Another important part of the SEO strategy is to ensure the use of keywords at the starting of the webpage content and using it in the headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.). A reliable ecommerce seo company will make sure to avoid keyword stuffing and other criteria that affect the SEO negatively.
  • Working on the URL and tags: Including the keyword in the URL helps Google understand more easily what your web page is about, thereby boosting its visibility for relevant searches. In addition, an ecommerce seo company will use other important measures such as including the keyword at the front end of the title tag and using shorter URLs. 
  • Optimize images: A webpage with images optimized for SEO will perform well on overall SEO as well. Optimizing images in E-Commerce SEO Services includes ensuring they have relevant titles, tags and aren’t bulky in size as that can effectively slow down the load time of the page. 
  • Use internal and external links: Internal links refer to links redirecting to other pages of the same website. On the contrary, external links may redirect to external sources and resources such as government websites and record-maintaining websites. The use of both types of links on a webpage is essential for every ecommerce marketing agency trying to boost the ranking of the web pages.

3. Technical SEO

The technical aspects of SEO are important as they determine whether and how Google crawls and indexes the web pages. Without this, any work performed by the ecommerce marketing agency will be futile.

  • Ensure crawl: In order for any web page to be ranked on Google, it is important for the page to be “crawled” by Google’s search bots. An enterprise SEO company will need to ensure this crawl occurs, by identifying and fixing any possible errors.
  • Find how Google views the page: Google Search Console is a popular tool used for this purpose by almost every enterprise SEO agency. By using it, the company can check how the page views on Google, and even if Google can access all the content on it, before the page is actually made live. 
  • Optimize for mobile view: A large portion of internet users are mobile internet users. In addition, Google considers the mobile view of a webpage when indexing it. Pages optimized for mobile view through E-Commerce SEO Services are bound to rank higher on Google. 
  • Fix broken links: Broken links affect any website’s SEO poorly. In fact, broken links include links that redirect to pages that have been taken down or don’t exist or load. An ecommerce seo company will constantly make sure none of the links are broken. DrLinkCheck is one of the popular tools used by these companies for this purpose. 
  • Secure the site with HTTPS: HTTPS is the more secure version of the internet. An ecommerce seo company can migrate your website to HTTPS, which also boosts its SEO performance massively. 
  • Check load time: Pages with minimal load time are ranked higher on Google. Therefore, it is essential for an ecommerce marketing agency to make sure there are no images, videos or other forms of content that are adding to the unnecessary bulk and load time of the pages. Using the PageSpeed Insights tools will help optimize the E-Commerce SEO Services to ensure minimal load time of webpages.

4. Optimizing content for SEO

Ensuring that the website’s content is optimized for SEO is an integral part of E-Commerce SEO Services. For this reason, it is important for an ecommerce marketing agency to optimize the content more than just including the required keywords in it. Some of the measures for optimizing the content include:

  • Identifying popular content types and developing better content aimed to rank higher.
  • Maximizing the readability of the content through good writing and formatting techniques.
  • Covering the topic in depth to ensure that the content is useful and relevant.
  • Use formats or templates for creating content to ensure branding and relevance as per trends.
  • Using multimedia besides text in the content, to make it more relevant, readable and enriched.

5. Link-building for SEO

The concept of backlinks is one of the most integral to SEO. Building backlinks, and the choices and research involved in it, are hugely responsible for determining how efficient the E-Commerce SEO Services are at the end of the day. In fact, building high-quality backlinks will help in increasing both organic traffic and SEO. Therefore, for an eCommerce business that operates solely online, this is highly essential.

  • Guest posting to build powerful backlinks: A good ecommerce seo company will strive to build backlinks that boost SEO greatly, through guest posting on reputed websites. In addition, by choosing domain-specific websites for guest posting, the ecommerce marketing agency can also drive organic traffic to your website, leading to long-term and overall business growth.
  • Reverse-engineer the competitors’ backlinks: By using specific tools such as Ahrefs or Link Explorer (from Moz), an ecommerce marketing agency will reverse the backlinks used by your competitors to achieve high rankings on Google. By assessing these backlinks and their proven impact on SEO, a more successful strategy for SEO can be followed. 
  • Build contextual backlinks: Backlinks made on websites pertaining to the same domain have a more effective and positive impact on the website’s SEO.

Benefits of hiring an enterprise SEO agency

Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

There are far larger scale benefits of hiring E-Commerce SEO Services for growing and emerging businesses and organizations. It becomes possible for an organization to expand its visibility and outreach in a truly organic manner. These eCommerce have their presence established solely online. For this reason, effective and broad-scale marketing done professionally by an ecommerce marketing agency is often.

Depending on the purpose and requirements, the appropriate services can be selected from the agency’s ecommerce seo packages. The best SEO techniques will go a long way in converting converting a brilliant idea into a profitable solution. In addition, an ecommerce seo company will implement strategies with a more long-standing impact on the SEO of your website, its web pages and various products or services you offer.

  • Your website gets enriched with high-quality content that is unique.
  • Other on-page E-Commerce SEO Services further boost the organic ranking and drive organic traffic.
  • An ecommerce seo company will help you establish a brand identity and maintain it. 
  • E-Commerce SEO Services are aimed towards web page results, video results, social media, product or service reviews, etc. This makes them truly all-around and efficient.
  • The SEO techniques implemented by an ecommerce marketing agency have longer-term value, that doesn’t disintegrate quickly. Therefore, the investment in E-Commerce SEO Services is definitely well worth it.
  • These services will also improve the UX within the web pages, through measures such as optimizing content formats and reducing load times.

Consulting an eCommerce marketing  agency definitely goes a long way towards boosting your online business’s visibility on Google. By implementing SEO techniques for the long-term aimed at driving organic traffic, the company will be able to directly boost the sales of your products or services, and your click-through rates. Therefore, you can rest assured that the ROI from investing in SEO services will be well worth it for driving business growth, and in more ways than one.

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Ecommerce SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy

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