Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market

Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • We are in the era of the Internet where people want more digital businesses rather than Bricks and Mortar. It’s easy to do business digitally as there are so many social media platforms available and people get connected through them easily, you don’t need to go outside of your home to meet a new person. The stock market is correlated to the performance of the business. You can easily know how a business is performing by watching the stock value of them. Nowadays both Online business and stock markets are in a very dynamic environment.
  • A company’s performance depends upon various things. One thing is how the business promotes itself. If the company promotes itself well people will know them well and automatically the performance of the business increases. In this era of the Internet the best way to promote business is through digital marketing and what digital marketing is?
  • Digital marketing is a broad concept. Different small things create digital marketing, Such as Websites, SEO, SMO, and Blogs. It lets the mass know about the products or services through the Internet.
  • The stock market and digital marketing have a lot of similarities between them. So A few lessons of digital marketing can be learned by the stock market.


Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services


  • Before making any kind of strategy, information is required. Proper research can gather such information. Both in the case of digital marketing and stock market information gathering is a must. Without it you can’t understand what will be the perfect strategy whether it is for marketing or investing.
  • While in investing your money in the stock market you need to gather information about the company, how they performing and what is the ROI (Return on Investment), Same in Digital marketing you have to gather proper information about your target audience, their needs, preferences, demands, expectations, Age groups, Gender, Demographics, and many other things so that targeting the exact customer groups will be easier.
  • In Simple words you can’t succeed without the proper information. Proper and accurate information will lead you to make the right strategy which leads you to success.


Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • Patience is always the key to success. In both the stock market and digital market there is no exception.
  • In the stock market, if you want to do investment property, you have to be very patient. Backed by research, it is proven that the wealthiest of investors have been the most patient ones. The most successful examples of this are George Soros and Warren buffet.
  • There is a saying in the stock market “Everyone dreams of owning the Buffet portfolio but few have patience”.
  • The best example of how patience can help you make great money is Warren Buffet. Many don’t know that most of his wealth was created after he turned 50 from the stocks he bought in his 20’s.
  • In digital marketing also patience is the key. Let’s say you are optimizing your website in the Search engines that is Google. People search in google and if your website is well optimized for Google then Google will show people your website first. It increases the chance of people buying your product or service. This process is called search engine optimization i.e. SEO.
  • In this scenario, you need to understand what kind of keywords that define your business that means what people will type in google so that in search result your website will appear. For example, your business is Ayurvedic medicines and when people search Ayurveda medicine in search result your website will come. Search Engine Optimization is not a matter of 1-day work. It requires regular optimization and the results come after 3-4 months. People hope they will see results from the next day but it’s not.

#Partnerships are needed

Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • You can’t thrive alone whether in the stock market or digital marketing. Both are very volatile, anything can happen in a few seconds.
  • In the stock market an Investor always tries to partner with a stockbroker. For those who don’t know what a stockbroker is for them, a stockbroker is an investment broker, investment advisor, wealth manager who provides financial advisory and execute transactions such as purchase or sale of stock. They have the correct information about the trends and any stocks. They suggest to you in which company you should invest and how much you should invest to earn more.
  • In digital marketing also, you need to partner with a data scientist. A data scientist’s work is to extract information from a huge number of data in a scientific way. So while targeting your niche audience you will gather a huge number of data. Extracting the proper information will be easy if there is a data scientist with you.

#Ongoing Research is important

Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • Many believe that only research is important when you start but important is ongoing research. Ongoing research is the continuous research that a person does regularly which means collecting data every day and takes out exact information every day. Ongoing research is very important for long term success.
  • In the Stock market while you invest you have to follow the forecasts and trends. How a company is performing you can understand my company’s reports. Every company is required to publish reports so that investors can find whether the company aligns with their interests. 10-q is the form that is published quarterly and its unaudited financial statements. In that check for Net incomes which is whether the company finished the quarter with a gain or loss. P/E ratio which indicates how the market thinks the share will perform in the future. A high P/E ratio indicates the stock will perform well in the future. Return on equity helps you to understand how effectively the company uses it’s investor’s money and returns investments to its shareholders. Continuously keeping an eye on those points will help you to understand whether the company is performing well or not. This thing changes in a matter of seconds. So ongoing research is important in the stock market.
  • As ongoing research is important to stock markets it also important in Digital marketing. Research, especially when conducted through social media channels, lets business observe their audience by learning how audience behave and by mimicking them in promotional activities, companies can speak to their audience. By which it increases the chance to click through a webpage, making conversion possible. Besides, companies can understand the trends and common activities that can be integrated into digital marketing. Now consumer behaviours change, Trends change everything changes. If company research once only and doesn’t research the changes they can’t survive the market. For example Nokia, a mobile manufacturing company can’t follow the changes and it diminished in time.
  • The stock market in many ways can be a guide for digital marketers. They are both co-related and share similarities. So both investors and marketers and learn from each other to improve their work in the segment they work in.

Let’s join hands and fight/cope with this outrageous situation together and we assume that we are in a right direction of helping people and brands to outgrow digital marketing and benefit marketers by providing such useful insights.

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Digital Marketing Lessons From The Stock Market

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