Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search

Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • Modern Life is completely linked to the use of search engines. Just think how many times you search something for the sake of some information. In a fraction of second you search something in the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo millions of results are generated on the result screen of the search engines. Within that list you will find mixture of organic results and paid results. First few results are Ads (paid Search) which the search engine thinks might relevant to your query while the rest of the results are organic, comes from all over the web. Paid advertisements also extend to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
  • If you have a business that has online presence, understanding the difference between organic and paid searches and how to apply it, is very important and how you can apply it for your business to increase traffic to your website is also very important.
  • Let’s Break it down

#Paid vs Organic Search: What's the difference?

  1. #Organic Search: Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

    Organic search results are the natural search results found underneath the Paid Search results. They are natural in the sense that the search engine algorithm analyzes all the web pages and felt these webpages contains most relevant information for your query. The webpage is scanned for various thing like Keywords, Proper tittle tag, Meta description, Content, URL and the more relevant the information the rank will be higher.

    The traffic that come from these links known as organic traffic. Organic traffic is considered as the most valuable source for various reasons:

    • Search engines direct highest amount of people and are very much likely to purchase
    • Google is very much particular about their top 5 ranking and this shows your content is high quality.
    • Moving up the ranking is very difficult, but when you achieve it then you will get the benefit for the long time.
    • Results on the first page in google receive 92% of all search traffics.
    • More than 30% clicks go to the first result.

    To Optimize your page for the rankings you have to apply SEO (Search Engine optimization) techniques to make it desirable for the search engine algorithms. Some companies pay lot of money to a specialized SEO company for taking their webpage to the top. However, ranking in the first page is long term process and often takes six months to rank but it is worth it. Take some facts into consideration,

    • More than 50% B2B companies say that SEO has the biggest impact in lead generation.
    • On an average, organic search leads have more than 14% close rates.
    • Most of the people consider organic search results for information.
    • Every month there are more than 10 billion searches in Google alone for products and services.

      But don’t get depressed. SEO techniques are not as complicated as it seems. There are so many handy guides and how to’s to help you get started. SEO is not only good for your business but it will define your success.

  2. #Paid Search: Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

    • Paid search is basically ads that are paid by businesses in order to rise above the organic searches. Companies invest money to SEM (Search engine marketing) in order to boost their website to the top when someone searches for something with the specific keyword.
    • For showing up in the first page Marketers craft ads with Google AdWords and bid for search result placement for a specific keyword. You can easily identify the difference between organic result and paid results. The paid results usually show at the top and it has outlined AD label on the right side of the URL.
    • It is assumed that whoever pays the most in AdWords auction will get the best visibility but Google has some rules. Google has processes (Landing page quality, copy rules, quality scores and many more) to make sure the ads which ranked higher must be relevant to the search query. After all, google puts user experience on the top.

Paid VS Organic: which one is best for your business?

Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

  • Marketers need to use both Paid and organic search strategies to compete in the digital era. Organic search results have evergreen presence that means you will climb up over the time but on the other hand the paid search result will stop showing up when you stop the payment. If you are new to digital marketing or you have very lean budget then choosing the best for your company might be confusing but don’t worry, we will lay down some pros and cons for each of them.
  • It is also important to understand you customers and where they are looking for solutions so you don’t waste your money to a tactic which is not relevant for your business. Let’s say you have a visual company like clothing company then you should go for Instagram marketing as other platforms might not make sense for your business. Delivering the right answer where the customer base is asking the question will make the difference.

Organic search Pros and Cons

  • When you start implementing SEO techniques for your website naturally you will rank in the search engine. That means Google (search engines) will find you website as a reliable source of information for the certain keywords.
  • But even more people who are doing the searching will consider your site as a go-to destination for the information they need. People trusts organic search results more than paid search results. When it comes to click through rate organic beats paid to 65% of the times in desktop searches.
  1. #PRO:
  • Cost-Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing ServicesAlthough you can spend lot of money to optimize your webpage but you don’t have to. There are several free resources (from trusted place only) can help you to get started with SEO and it will rise your webpage above the competitors but it will take time.
  • Longevity:

    Unlike paid searches organic searcher are the gifts that keeps on giving. If you implement SEO to your web page and optimize for the search engine then your page will rank and if you content is good then it will continue to rank and stays there. Once you get the higher rankings it is easy to stay there for some times. Have you ever searched for something and you find an article of 2014? It is because of the content that earns the position. The effort of creating optimized content and doing SEO right will pay you in a long term.

2. #Con:

  • Time & Resource-It is obvious that nothing in this world is free. SEO might not hit your wallet hard as Paid searches do but it requires sufficient time and resources to get it right. SEO is a long-term game and that takes time to craft content and optimize your webpage for search engines and it takes several months to show results.

#Paid search Pros and Cons

What could be better to spread your message out way faster to people who are looking for your answer? Paid searches have lots of benefitsand that’s comes with a cost. Its highly targeted, fairly easy but also expensive and short termed.

  1. #Pro:

    • Faster & Easier-

      Developing evergreen SEO content and waiting for climbing up in the google search ranking is very time consuming and labor-intensive process. If you don’t have that much of time paid searches can get you in front of the new audience much quicker. There is no other way to be in the first page of the search results than with paid searches. If you follow best AdWords practices. Optimize your ads, developing a good landing page and if you have a competitive budget than you can easily attract more people to your website who are ready to buy.

    • Targeted:

      Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

      Every year audience targeting gets more sophisticated. Although the privacy is the main concern. Target in gremains the main part of digital marketing. Different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, google brings method to specify your target audience. For example, on Facebook you can set target of specific location, shopping patterns, Age, marital status, education levels and many more. This means more targeted audience who are most likely to engage with your content and buy.

  2. #Cons:

    • Costs and longevity

      Depending on the competition for the keyword that you want to bid may end up needing a significant budget to compete. Different industry has different rates. While the costs may end up in thousands of dollars in many industries but the main thing is return on investment. If you have invested Rs.2000 and end up making Rs.10000 than it is profitable for you and the campaign will run as long as you wanted but when you stop the payment the campaign will also stops.

#Paid and Organic search- A balancing act:

Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services
  • By optimizing contents of your site using SEO strategies you are ensuring that it will rank higher in the search result page and shows up to the people for the long term and a strong Paid search strategy ensure your business is ready to get customers .
  • If your goal is to make it easy for potential customers to find your business online easily than a strong marketing strategy would be utilizing both paid and organic search techniques. Applying both together will ensure best results and your business will get customers in no time.

#Conclusion: Organic vs paid search

  • Both of these are different types of searches. With different pros and cons we can’t differentiate one with another. It is completely depending on the business and their budget what will be suitable for them. If you have less time and want generate sales you go for paid search and if you have time then go for organic one. In general Organic is effective in long run however with the right tweaking in the ad campaign and optimizing the landing page can be very cost effective sometimes. At last we can say that it completely depends upon the business and they are free to experiment with them to see the best results.

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Difference between Paid Search And Organic Search

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