12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns

12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

As per statistical data of 2020, there are 2.6 billion active users on Facebook, making it a most comprehensive social media platform and a potential sales market. Facebook had generated $69.7 billion from advertising in 2019. However, just running ads on Facebook does not guarantee the sales of your product. Your ad must be valuable enough to generate some sales, and then its cost can be justifiable. Here are some expert tips which you can implement to boost up your sales using Facebook ads.

So, are you ready to dive into the Facebook world to accelerate your sales and ROI for better Business growth?

Before exploring the tips, let’s know how Facebook ads help you to boost sales.

In the competitive world era, every online-business owners have the yearning to reach its target audience at a broader range. If you are also enthusiastic about the same then here we have come up with the Facebook ads that work intending to target the right audience to the Business or in simpler terms we can say it helps your Business convene higher sales and ROI.

  1. Target the right audience

Driving Customers, instead of Viewers, will take your sales to the next level in your Facebook ads.

Right audience, yes, you heard it correct! , running Facebook ads without knowing your target audience is like selling dog food to the cat owner, sounds dubious. Similarly, if you are not aware of the right audience, you could also suffer from this, which will affect your Facebook ads. To avoid this, first know about your audience, conversion rate, and average order value that will enhance your face book’s ad value and boost your sales and ROI. 12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing ServicesHere are the following categories you need to follow while targeting the audience.

 (i) Demographics (age, gender, race, income, location)

(ii) Psychographic (interest, likes, and lifestyle)

(iii) Behaviour (shares, comments)

2. Express solution with your Facebook ads

It is undeniable that people always look for problem-solving things or people. Do you also have a will to acquire maximum reach for your ads? Then avoid writing sales copy. Make sure to report users-oriented advertisements that are more expressive or problem-solving so that users find them helpful. In this manner, you will save the user’s time and convey the exact thing you wanted to do, and users will decide on their own. Keep your ads simple, clear, and concise, and use power words such as “benefits” and “guarantee” as these words instantly grasp the audience’s attention. 

Your Facebook ads should convey your Business’s vision instead of product price solely. As it is crucial to notice that the person who had come on Facebook are not all came to buy anything; some visit there to build their social relations or relax. So, always write a valuable advertisement that users found praiseworthy.

3. Keep an eye on your Competitors.

Never underestimate your competitors because they could become fruitful for you. Sometimes, your competitors can unknowingly build a path towards your success like in Face book ads campaign. In this, you could have the flexibility to target your competitors’ fans with Audience Insights’ help.

  • Let’s know how to perform this technique.

12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Step 1:  Open the Audience Insights dashboard and choose everyone on Facebook. 

Step 2: Then, Create an audience on the left side of the page to filter the unwanted audience, and it will only intend those who meet our categories of interest

Step3: Go to the Page Likes tab to see the pages your intended interest group as of now enjoys. We recommend recording this data on a book-keeping page.

Step4: Under the Create Audience tab, enter the name of one of your rival Facebook Pages in the Interests field. 

A portion of your rivals’ pages won’t come up, yet if it does, take demographics on the right side of the screen for more user-engagement to achieve better sales and revenue.

Hence, there are several ways through which you can spy on your competitors and accelerates the reach of your Facebook ads.

4. Set-up a perfect suited timing of your ads

An eye-pleasing and the well-written ad is not solely responsible for boosting your campaign value—all you need to play your ads according to the perfect-suited time. Like if you are dealing with the official things or service then play your ads during office hours. Ads with off-timing will degrade the visitors and also deduct the rate of conversion. Keep your ads time-specific to make better sales and step up the growth of the Business.

5. Use Facebook Ad automation Rules. 

12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

Spying your competitors can be easy, but chasing each Facebook ads is not a piece of cake or leaves you tedious. So, why put your hand in it when Facebook itself has come up with the Ad automation rules. This tool will keep a check on all of your ads and recommend the errors to rectify them. This tool acknowledged the right audience and allowed you to know more about your audience and which product they find more likable. This tool enhances your campaign value and keeps your ads up to date and will notify changes too.

6. Use Video ads

Promote your Business with Video advertising as it is like a cherry on the cake that captivates everyone. Well, we know that the audience usually prefers video content more than text. The appealing nature of video ads has already incited most marketers, and they already switch towards this platform for their betterment. It has become a magical wand for marketers which they use for brand awareness and customer engagement. Create video ads that state your business aim to the audience and drive more conversions. A great idea can go more potential prospects towards your video or users can share your video to their social media platforms that mean inviting more other potential users to your site, which automatically raises your traffic and brings more leads to your Business. Whenever you create your marketing videos, always be clear about your products and services.

7. Use images, emojis, and GIF

Try different options, i.e. Facebook story, video, GIF, images. Be flexible with your path of ads. A report shows that Facebook story ads have 63% more conversion and 20% less cost. You can also use swipe up option in stories. However, a survey claimed that emojis and GIF data instantly grasp the audience’s attention and make the ads more appealing and creative.

8. Let the customers register their emails or phone numbers

This is a fantastic way to retarget your audience. This will help the customer to keep themselves updated with all your product offers and discount. Whenever you launch any new products or new offers, you can quickly notify your customers via mail or message if you have allowed your customers to register with their emails and phone numbers. 

If you are looking for more ways to accelerate your user-engagement, then go with the give-away offers and entice more conversion towards your site.

9. Develop Unique Ads.

In this competitive world, a single mistake can deprive brands of millions of users and degrade the brand value and conversion rate. Hence avoid publishing a copied ad or useless ads. Being a business owner developing trust among your target audience is an essential part of the Business as it builds brand credibility and goodwill. Whenever you write your ad copy, keep it bizarre and meaningful full. Your ad should convey your Business’s vision and stand on customer gratification. Several companies deliver the same product, but users know you for your services. Therefore, if you wanted to grab giant eyeballs, then earn your customers’ trust and assure them that they chose the best brand in the market. Your ads must show your concern towards your customers rather than sales.

10. Optimize for Mobile

Around 80% of users are on smartphones and use smartphones for all their needs. From online shopping to booking train tickets, you can do all these things with your smartphone anytime. Thus if you wanted to keep your ads outrage with a broader audience, optimize your ads. Even though Facebook allows both types of optimization, you can now choose desktop and mobile optimization for better results.

11. Apply Multiple Ad Formats

Facebook provides several ad formats that are effective and will help you expand your brand reach and connect with the target audience.

  • Dynamic ads
  • Sponsored mentions
  • Video ads
  • Face book Messenger ads
  • Face book story 
  • Collections 
  • Leads

70%of marketers claimed that video converts more qualified leads and gets more users compared to other types of content as a video is more convenient to users as well it also enables you to stand out from the crowd and strengthen your brand trustworthiness.

Thus, these formats help speed up Business growth, but we need to remember that every brand needs different designs. That means choosing the best-suited arrangements according to your business that will take your Business from oblivion to the limelight.

12. Incorporate With Other Social Media Platforms

12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns, DigitalFry #1 Internet Marketing Services

We know that several social media platforms work great in accelerating sales and ROI, and if we compare their cost, then it is less than other platforms. If we talked about the Instagram post and story, that can be used for the commercial purpose too, and click per impression is also affordable so if you want to invest minimally and reach millions of users, you can incorporate with Instagram and other social media platforms too.

Final Thoughts 

Social media platforms have become infamous among the audience and if you wanted to reach the broader audience in seconds, then going with the social media platforms is ideal. Prior, Face book is remarkable as a messaging app, but it has played a pivotal role in accelerating sales and ROI as time passes. Therefore, if you are willing to accelerate your sales and ROI, try the Facebook ads technique that will help you to speed up your user engagement and conversion.

Yet, I have tried to pen down all the essential information for a better ad campaign. Hope you will adhere to it and develop a fantastic ad campaign for your Business.

Hope you will find this information useful and if you try any of these techniques, then share your feedback in the comment section.

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12 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tips To Improve Your Campaigns

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